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Haunted Army Office - A True Story

haunted building

This happened to me.  I was stationed in Germany, while in the Army.  I was at Pioneer Kaserne.  This installation was built by the 3rd Reich and was used by combat engineers.  I don't know what atrocities or evil happened there, and I don't think I WANT to know.  This is why.  The buildings are stone, built as solid as any castle.  There are four stories, in addition to a basement and an attic that extends the full length of the building.  

They are large buildings, and all of them are built exactly alike.  Mine was the only office in the basement.  The other rooms were used for storage.  It was always dark down there, even at noon with the lights on.  There were small narrow windows up along the top of the basement walls.  These windows are at ground level, looking outside.  I was new there and I had a lot of preparatory work to do to start my job, so I was there on a Saturday afternoon, typing documents.  I needed to focus, so I did not have the radio on.  

The building is so well built that my office was absolutely silent and still, the perfect environment for focused work with no distraction.  The only thing I could hear was the clattering of my typewriter keys, and my own breathing.  I heard nothing else.  I felt my hair move.  I have very long hair and I was wearing it loose that day, because I was in civilian clothes.  That was odd, so I got out of my chair and walked along the wall, checking the windows.  They were tightly closed, no outside noise coming in.  I noticed that the day was still, there was no wind stirring the leaves in the trees outside.  There was no air conditioning because Germany is usually a very cool climate.  

We used to sit our soda pops and beers outside on the  window ledges in our barracks in the winter time to keep them cold.  That worked as good as any refrigerator, practical and cheap.  I checked my office doors.  They were both closed, and they were tight and well built.  There was no draft coming in.  I had no fan on, because the office was a cool temperature that day.  I wasn't about to be a silly girl, so I told myself that a piece of my hair must have blown up earlier, and just fell back down on my head.  I sat back down and went back to work.  

I wanted to get done so that I wouldn't feel guilty about joining my buddies at the EM later in the day for a little fun.  I was completely and totally focused, absorbed in my task.  The room was absolutely silent, except for my own noise.  A few minutes later, I felt a whole hank of my hair lift off the back of my head and fall back down around my neck! Those of you with long hair know that it has weight, and there is no mistaking or imagining that physical sensation.  

I whipped my chair around and saw..........nothing.  I got out of there as fast as I rationally could, without hurting myself in a panic.  Yes, I RAN!!!!  I have often wondered about that.  Was this the spirit of a dead Nazi checking out my dark ethnic self as a candidate for extermination, offended by my very presence and eager to cleanse the world of my contaminating being?  Was this a violated Jewish soul who had suffered there, trying to warn me of imminent danger and horror to my person?  Trying maybe, desperately, to encourage me to save myself?  I don't know.  

All I know is that it really happened, and that I was never in that basement alone again.  I have been very careful about who I've shared this experience with, because too many in this world would think me a silly, overly imaginative girl, or perhaps just cowardly, and we know that many would not believe me.  I have more stories, but would not want to bore you.  If you want more, give me a few likes and I will share more about this place another time.

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