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The Haunted Highway (Highway 602 South and Route 4) - A True Story

haunted highway

Driving down south highway 602, on dark nights can play tricks on your mind. Especially on cold winter nights. When I use to work nightshifts in Gallup (G-Town) back in 2005. I would get off work at 1am and take the 43 mile commute home back to Zuni and some nights I would be alone. And others nights I carpool with other workers that live in Zuni. This one time I was heading back home, and just before you hit Joe Milo's trading post. 

There is a long straight away in an open field. As I got close to the Joe Milo's billboard sign I notice a black figure on all four crossing the road. My first thought was "hey a black bear", but as I drove close to it I noticed it wasn't a black bear. My headlights beamed right directly at it, and I noticed two yellow eyes reflecting back. It was crouched on the side of the road the body was all covered in black fur, or paint. I slow down, because I was curious "what the fuck is that!?" I thought to myself than I noticed the face. It was a human face painted black I stopped the car and stared at it. "Oh Shit!" As I stopped the car it stood up on two legs and was about 7 feet tall. 

Then it ran off into the field. I sat there and just thought "crazy weirdo" then drove off. Two nights past and I was driving back home from work. This time I had a passenger, my coworker, it was about 1:30 am we got closer to the same spot. But we both notice 2 Bonfires blazing high right in front of the Joe Milo's billboard. As we drove over the horizon we notice at least 15 to 20 people running around the bonfires. They noticed our car approaching, and all of a sudden they stopped started running across the road to the east end of the field. All of them look like they were painted white, so we just saw a bunch of white figures running across the road. "What The Fuck!!" My coworker replied we looked at each other weird.We just brush it off back drove back home.  to this day you can see those bonfire ashes on the westside field.

 I told this to my mother and she freaked out. then she told me "if I ever see woman walking on the side of the road? Don't pick her up!"  confused of what she said I asked her why? Then she tells me about some guy that picked up a woman. Late at night on Route 4. She said this woman claimed she was looking for her kid so the guy drove her back into the village. But as they got close to the Village the woman disappeared. And the guy freaked out. "She a Ha'ba!" Meaning ghost in Zuni. The story goes she and her kid were killed in an accident around route 4, and she walks up the highway looking for her kid. She also said other people have been picking her up recently and she disappears right before getting to the Village. 

This also happened to a few more individuals. When she is picked up she stares out the window, never making eye contact. When they ask her what she's doing out here she always replys, she's looking for her little boy. So watch out when you're driving along Highway 602 and Route 4 at night.

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