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Do Evil Spirits Afraid to the God? - A True Story

god vs Evil

So there's been skeptics regarding my stories. Well Im 46yrs old now, I was raised by my great grandmother who I lovingly called Mommykins! She was already in her 60's when she took me in. She was fearless, a soldier in Gods army & was gifted I believe..

This story happened in the mid 70's.. All of us had been home with mama & things were happening in the attic & the cellar and there was like 7 boys there & only one girl, my big sister Colleen. And mama asked the boys to just go peek their head in the cellar to see but they were all chicken shit Colleen volunteered while thw boys & myself hid behind mama. Anyway it was bedtime and all the kids wanted to sleep in our room again so mama told them to make a bed on the floor. 

Not long after we shut the door the noises started again, this time footsteps back & forth down the hallway. Mama starts to pray knowing who was out there. Then all of a sudden a red glowing light appeared under the door & a voice called to someone. Anyway my uncle Kevin answered & began talking to this voice which sounded like a white mans voice & he knew his name. 

He actually said "Kevin".. Mama yelled at him in cree "Get away from that door, you are talking to the devil!"..She then got up, grabbed her bible & opened the door and started praying hard again and this evil thing just vanished! Was a sleepless kinda night. Freaky thing is my uncle lived a troubled life & passed so young. He was 38...

You can choose not to believe these stories but with thine own eyes ive witnessed the evil that lurks in this world. And mama said they are coming back to roam earth & terrorize the weak & vulnerable. And she said when this happens the end is near, when the lord returns to earth..

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