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The Unidentified Object | Ghost or a UFO ! - A True Story


Sometime a while back in the late 1990s, me, my Brother John (who is still alive) and my Uncle Jim Bruneau were heading out to look for some yearling Deer at Night. Now Night-hunting is legal for Treaty People in Alberta, Can. I was driving and our Night Lights were on top of the truck our Fields are huge, 5 Quarters of Field which we had just harvested. 

It was about 9:30 PM when we was set out to the Hunt. Mom had come came out to smudge our vehicle so we'd be safe, then we'd set out on our way. Before we had gotten to the main Road to the Fields, we saw the Outside-Lights blinking, on and off, my Brother yelled at me, "Stop- Nâhkey", so I reversed to where we normally parked. Now all my Brothers had come out as well as our Papa. To the West all appeared to be dark from Clouds (so I thought). Stepping out we all heard a hmmmmmm sound. The huge cloud was moving NNEast quite fast. 

It not only had lights abound and if one was to try to explain what it looked like, it appeared to look like a huge Skyscraper, flying horizontally with all the Lights parallel, small lights with a Gigantic Light in the bottom. The light was bluish-hue with a strange Glow that moved when the Light shifted. To my estimate later, as I tried to guesstimate the size of the Object, or to make sense of it. I'd say it was over 100 miles long, and about 30-40 miles wide going by who saw it and how long by the time it took to clear from its start to its finish traveling from our vantage spot. 

Later Radio reports came into our local Radio Channel station from a range of 30 miles from one way and the 30 miles from the other way, so my best and reliant measure as it was, was 30-40 miles wide. As to its length, I am quite sure I had timed it to be about 10-14 minutes from 1st seeing its front end, and its rear end. And at height to be about 10- 20- 40 miles high from us, if not more. My friends who's vehicle had stopped as they said it was directly above them, were about 25 miles from us when their truck stalled, thus the estimate of over 100miles long. Triangulating this is where I came up with these estimates. I was not scared but pleasantly surprised that it was tangible, real and we were not just the One's seeing this. No Space Vehicle had been made to be this huge, and so perfect, I also assumed it was not metallic but rather made of coarse material or may be of rock origin. Of course, we stayed home, after, and all was quiet in the House for the rest of the night. 

So I went home to my Partner in Life and told her. She had heard of this in the Radio the only Recreation we had then. I also phoned in to the Radio Station but did not talk too much, as the lines were all busy... I drew what I seen and gave it to a friend who worked in Intelligence in the US. This was in the Northeast part in the Province of Alberta. The next day, there was an announcement that a Meteor had fallen somewhere in the Boreal Forest by Northeast, AB, and Northwest Sask by the Army Base. People were reminded these things happen all the time. 

The Centre Beam of Light caused many Vehicles to stall, and deaths happened to those who were in line with the Beam. I also believe the lights were infused with Gamma waves, as I too had brain surgery 2 years after. I didn't really want to share this, but 5G is so real and we don't know how the Unidentified Objects can affect Man. 

Lastly, I know it to be of Great Height at the time and that was what made me brave plus I had my Mom then she too died 6 months later, but she told us not to dwell on strange things in our lifetime. God Bless you all, in times of this Isolation, "this story is for you all." We are missing seeing what we take for granted, our Friends, Work, and Life, in General. GB.

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