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A Demon Attack - A True Story

demon attack

For those of you who believe in mediums, psychics & spirit guides, I must share this true story with you! October 2003, me & my fiancée were attacked by a demon, I looked at it and said, "I'm not afraid of you!" Confident in Jesus protection! 

We both saw a huge angel in Golden armor walk through the wall of our bedroom, so huge in fact; we could only see up to his thigh, estimated height; 20 feet tall. Then we saw a flaming golden sword come down & dice the demon to pieces, then this angel reached down,  grabbed the demon and dragged it out through the wall. Before & since then, I've always prayed to St. Michael the Archangel! Exactly one  month later, my fiancée committed suicide. 

That suicide demon came for me, NOT him but he refused to pray with me & our kids and He didn't have his armor on! So, last night a friend of my daughter's came to visit. She's a medium; married to one of her spirit guides. She didn't stay long. My daughter went to visit her friend upstairs as to why she left so soon. She said, "My husband goes with me everywhere but he said that he tried to come in with me to your home but was NOT able to. 

A huge man would not allow him inside tho he argued 'but that's my wife in there!'" My daughter asked "Was it a ghost?" She said "No, He was a saint named Michael!" I pray to St Michael every single day & night and you should also! I've seen him & felt him. He never leaves my side. 

I send him to my kids &  grandkids to protect them at all times and he does! Thank you Jesus Christ ?? King of Kings ?? Lord, send your  Heavenly army to Surround everyone who reads this in your protection from ALL evil, sickness & death! In Jesus Mighty Name, AMEN !

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