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The Local - A True Story

ghost man

This local said that he stayed late at a fiddle dance 1 night because he wanted to party before he went home.

Well about an hour before the fiddle dance ends he runs into his friend "who, earlier in the night, said he was going home to go to bed"

His friend had a 1/2 gallon now but said that he left it up the road on a trail where it wouldnt be found. This local believed his friend because he could smell the alcohol on him.

So they left the fiddle walking up the road. It started pouring a tremendous amount of rain, so the local said a silent prayer to himself "Lord, watch over me tonight and right now, that I am safe in this storm. In Jesus Name. Amen"

The local suddenly heard his friend calling him from the trail leading into the woods "Hey! Come on! Were almost there!"

He follows his friend only to lose sight of him as soon as he entered the trail. After 8 or 9 seconds of walking in the dark rainy night he hears his friend again, this time the friend is calling him from an old smoke house "Over here! Come on its dry! I have my 1/2 gallon!"

Thinking "Alriiight! At least I'll be dry." The local hurries to his friend.

When he enters the smoke house he asks his friend for a shot so he can warm up.

So they share the 1/2 gallon but the whole time they're in the smoke house his friend is sitting in the darkest corner and everything he says is almost a whisper. So finally (after what seemed like hours) the friend is just sitting in silence and the local keeps talking to him but there's no response!

Now it is almost day light and the local thinks his friend has passed out.

So before he shuts his eyes for a power nap (still very rainy and somewhere in an old smoke house back in the woods) he says his prayer again "Lord, watch over me tonight and right now, that I am safe in this storm. In Jesus Name. Amen" he shuts his eyes.

 Then he hears a very evil voice talking at a whisper from the darkest corner of the smoke house "You were supposed to die tonight, I was here for you" 

?? is the locals response, heart beating so fast that it felt like it wasn't beating at all. Afraid to look towards the voice he froze. Than began what he thought was his last prayer "Dear Lord, thank you for my life and watch over  everyone on this earth, we are sinners gone astray and dont realize our sinister ways. I pray the lord my soul to take, In Jesus Name, Amen"

 The local opened his eyes to look towards the evil voice but he was alone in the smoke house and daylight started to peak through. He got up and walked home that morning.

 Later that day he got news that his friend had passed away. Someone told him that his friend stole a four wheeler after he got drunk on a half gallon and crashed at the edge of town near an old smoke house. ??

 The local has been sober ever since and continues to pray. He says that alcohol only opens doors for demons to enter. That an unselfish heart is "very protected" by guardian angels.

 I was not a believer of his story until I heard of the accident. In Jesus Name. Amen

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